It is crucial to deploy security measures to stop hackers who can exploit your IT infrastructure vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access.   You may be at risk of compromising your business critical data including customer list, supplier list, or credit card information alike.  Such attacks on companies IT infrastructure has left many companies to close their doors. 

We provide security audit services to identify security risks.  Help to secure your email systems from spam and provide data encryption solution.  Setup monitoring service to monitor your servers, firewalls, network devices, or any IP devices.  Monitor critical system resources like CPU, IO, Memory, Disk utilization, ports, and services/processes to provide critical business uptime.  We can enable your office or workspace to internet securely, exchange data with your business partners over secure data channels, or resolve compliance issues.  We can design and implement your customized solution from ground up.  Advice you on best technology path based on your individual business needs.  We take a great pride in designing and supporting secure functional solution that are easily scalable.


Our open source consulting service bundled with industry expertise we can offer:
  • Secure B2B data exchange
  • Data encryption at rest or in transit for archival or transmittal
  • Secure Email solution
  • Firewall /VPN solution
  • Security venerability services
  • Intrusion detection services