We can help design new or improve existing wired and wireless data or telephony networks.  Implement Remote System Management tools to control and support your systems remotely.  Implement VPN solution to securely network with home or main office systems from remote locations.

If your retail storefront or business site that requires security surveillance system installed we can help design and implement the most secure solution.  We can design data exchange over secure protocol to resolve any compliance issues.  We can implement your scalable customized solution from ground up, advice you on best technology path based on your individual business needs.

Our open source consulting services with industry expertise we can design:
  • Secure B2B data exchange network
  • Secure data and voice network for most demanding application with keeping Quality Of Service (QoS) in mind
  • Secure Remote Dial-up Solution
  • VPNs/Firewalls or parameter servers to keep internal network secure
  • Voice/IP Communication
  • Storage Network